World’s Longest Full Shutdown is Over


As part of the measures taken against the spread of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), the “longest full shutdown in the world”, which was in effect for 263 days at various intervals, ended in Melbourne, Australia.

Victorian State Prime Minister Daniel Andrews made a statement at a press conference in Melbourne, the capital of the state, regarding the end of the full shutdown and the newly enacted restrictions.


It was closed 6 times, the vaccination rate reached 70 percent.

Explaining that the bans in Melbourne, which has been closed for a total of 263 days by closing 6 times on different dates since March 2020, when the virus started to spread, were eased with the Kovid-19 vaccination rates reaching 70. Andrews said: “Today is the day to thank the over 70 percent of people who have received both vaccine doses. “We have to finish this job, vaccines work,” he said.


International borders open on November 1, double vaccination tourists will not be quarantined in hotels.

Stating that they will reopen the international borders of the state as of November 1, once the vaccination rates increase to the desired levels, Andrews said that if the double-vaccinated tourists coming to the state show a negative result of the Kovid-19 test before boarding the plane, they will not be put into a 14-day hotel quarantine.

Within the scope of the bans eased in the state, some workplaces were reopened by following the social distance rules, while the night curfew was lifted. Those who had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were allowed to meet with 10 people at home and 15 people in open areas.

Melbourne, which was in total closure for 263 days, surpassed Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, which was closed for 234 days, and became the city with the longest closure in the world.

With 16 deaths in the state of Victoria, where the full shutdown ended, and 5 more in New South Wales (NSW), the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Australia rose to 1611.

Since January 25, 2020, when Covid-19 was first seen in Australia, the number of people who have been detected with the virus has increased to 156 thousand 490.


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