What Can We Do During Quarantine Days?




1- Improve Your Hobby


Nowadays, people are not interested in their hobbies, and some people don’t even have a hobby. You can improve

yourself by focusing on your hobbies during the days we stay at home.





2- Join Online Courses


There are many free and paid online courses available on many platforms. You can improve yourself by attending these

online courses. You can also earn certificates that you can add to your CV at the end of these courses.





3- Discover Your New Talents


You can try new things in your free time during your stay at home. For example, you can try yourself in the fields of

painting and music or find an instrument that suits you. Perhaps you discover a talent you are not aware of.





4- Participate in Online Events


Many events are organized on the internet. You can participate in online concerts or visit online museums.





5- Learn a New Language


Wouldn’t it be nice to learn a new language on the days when we stay at home in quarantine? You will feel better when

you learn a new language and open up many opportunities for your future career.





6- Practice Sports and Meditation


Sports and meditation will keep your body vigorous and make you feel better, and you will spend your time in a

beneficial way.





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