Turkey in the ‘worst year’ of tourism, 5th in the world


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced the data for 2020, which went down in history as the ‘worst year’ due to the coronavirus epidemic. Turkey ranked 5th with 15.9 million tourists and 11th with 10.2 billion dollars revenue. The contribution of tourism to Turkey’s exports was 7 percent.

The report, which includes the data of 2020, which went down in history as the ‘worst year’ of the world tourism industry, was announced by UNWTO. Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group President Recep Yavuz said that the damage caused by the tourism’s nightmare, 2020, in the sector, was revealed with the reports of UNWTO.



Pointing out that tourism, which experienced its best period in 2019, stopped even periodically in 2020, Yavuz said that in 2020 there was a 73 percent loss compared to the previous year worldwide, and 7 out of every 10 people who travel constantly cannot travel during this period. “With 402 million trips in 2020, $ 533 billion in revenue could only be achieved,” said Yavuz, who said that tourism revenue also suffered a sharp loss of 64 percent as travel declined.



Explaining that only 6 countries can reach double digits in the number of tourists, Yavuz said, “Spain is the 1st in 2019 with 83.5 million tourists and the 4th with 19 million tourists in 2020 it has fallen into line,” he said, adding that the outbreak had also changed the ranking. China, the 3rd of 2019, has almost reset the number of tourists with radical measures and has almost been deleted from world tourism. For many years there has not even been any data in the tourist country France,”he said.



Stating that Italy is the country that welcomes the most tourists in the world with 25 million 200 thousand tourists in 2020, Yavuz listed the other countries as follows:

“The winner of the corona process seems to be Mexico. for the first time in the history of Mexico with 24 million 30 thousand tourists took the second place. The USA and Spain took the 3rd and 4th places with 19 million tourists, while Turkey maintained its 5th place in the world in the corona process with 15.9 million guests.”

2020’de 533 milyar dolarlık toplam turizm gelirinden en çok payı 76,1 milyar dolarla ABD’nin aldığını hatırlatan Yavuz, Türkiye’nin ise 10,2 milyar dolarla gelir sıralamasında 11’incisi olduğunu söyledi. Sadece 1,8 milyon turist ağırlayan ve kişi başı turist geliri 14 bin 127 dolar olan Avustralya’nın 25,8 milyar dolar turizm geliriyle ikinci sırada yer aldığını belirten Yavuz, diğer ülkeleri şöyle sıraladı:

“19,8 Italy, Thailand 14,2, Austria 13.8, India 13, 11,3 Canada, Mexico 11, Japan and 10.7, 10,5 Korea, Turkey, 10,2, Portugal 8,8 Macao 8,6, Poland 7,8, 6,6 Belgium Croatia 5,6, Greece 4,9, 4,4 Egypt, Saudi Arabia, 4, Morocco, $ 3.8 billion.”



Noting that in 2020, tourism spending per capita was on average $ 1330 worldwide, Yavuz said that Turkey’s tourism income per capita remained at $ 643, ranking 17th in per capita income among the 20 countries that bring the most tourists. Yavuz also emphasized that more than 50 countries with a per capita income of more than $ 1,000 are on the list, although the number of tourists is low.



Noting that despite the increase in the number of tourists, a situation that has been frequently mentioned in recent years, such as a decrease in income, Yavuz said:

“We have a concrete example of Spain in front of us. Spain hosted 83.5 million tourists in 2019 with a tourism income of 954 dollars per capita. There was a difference of 371 euros between us and Spain in 2019 and 333 euros in 2020 in per capita tourism income. In the same period, Turkey, With 51.2 million tourists, it had a per capita income of 583 dollars,” he said.



Yavuz listed the per capita income in the countries where the most tourists go as follows:

“Italy 786, Mexico 453, USA 3915, Spain 976, Turkey 643, Austria 918, Poland 923, Hungary 432, Netherlands 1253, Greece 684, Thailand 2118, Portugal 1360, Russia 449, India 2059, Croatia 1004, Malaysia 690, Saudi Arabia is 975 dollars, Japan is 2600 dollars, Vietnam is 651. We saw that during the corona period, holiday countries, which have become classics, stand out again with their experiences, capacities and products even in times of crisis.”


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