Tourist influx to volcano disaster on La Palma Island


Those who want to watch the lava flow that has been going on for 40 days on La Palma Island, Spain, flocked to the island. Authorities organized bus services for incoming visitors.

Tourists and photographers went to the area to see the lava flow, which lasted for about 40 days, up close.
Crowds formed at volcano observation points and near the harbor where lava flows into the sea.



Authorities organized free bus services for visitors. Alternative routes were also created for private vehicles.


“I have mixed feelings,” said one female tourist who went to the area. “People are suffering from it after all, but that doesn’t stop it from being something to see.”



Another aim of the tourists is to contribute to the economy of the region, which has deteriorated due to the disaster. Pointing to this situation, one of the tourists who came to the region said, “We come here and visit the volcano, which is unique. But we contribute by spending money on things like hotels, restaurants and car rentals.”


The lava flowing from the Cumbre Vieja (kumbre vieha) volcano, which became active on September 19, spread over an area of ​​908 hectares. It burned down 2,162 buildings, most of them houses.


Nearly 8,000 people had to leave their homes due to the disaster.



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