The Most Beautiful Beaches In Turkey



1- Ölüdeniz


Ölüdeniz is located in Fethiye district of Muğla. It was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006. It has

very stagnant water and there is a constant circulation. Therefore, the water is constantly renewed. Oludeniz, which

fascinates the eyes with its scenery, is the center of attention of tourists. Besides the unique view, there are many

accommodation options. There are also many activities such as safari and mountaineering.






2- Kaputaş Beach


Kaputaş Beach in Kas has a unique turquoise water. This beach, which has a cold water, is a must-visit place for

passers-by. It is among the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.





3- Çıralı Beach


Çıralı, located in Antalya, is one of the cleanest waters in Turkey. Çıralı is a place where both history and nature are

intertwined. It also includes the Ancient City of Olympos and Yanartaş. The beach is covered with fine sand and clear

water. It is one of the largest breeding places of loggerhead carettas. Çıralı, where accommodation is easy, is also

known as ‘Hidden Paradise’.





4- Badavut Beach


Badavut Beach is in the Ayvalık district of Balikesir. It attracts the attention of tourists with its calm and cold water and

fine sand. Standing out with its interesting rock structure, Badavut is a quiet place away from the crowds.





5- Cleopatra Beach


Cleopatra Beach is located in Antalya. Cleopatra Beach, named after the Egyptian queen, is a large beach. At the same

time, this beach, which draws attention with its story, has fine golden sand and a shallow wide sea. It attracts millions

of domestic and foreign tourists every year. There are many activities such as water sports.





6- Iztuzu Beach


Iztuzu Beach is located in Dalyan town of Muğla. It is between salt water and fresh water. Known for the density of

caretta carettas, this beach is also known as ‘Turtle Beach’. The places where the turtle eggs are found are regularly

marked so that the tourists entering the sea do not harm the caretta caretta eggs, and the beach can be accessed at

certain times to protect the turtles. Iztuzu Beach has also received worldwide awards for its beauty.






7- Phaselis Beach


Phaselis Beach is located within the borders of Olympos in Antalya. The beach is teeming with history and magnificent

natural beauty. The beach is divided into three bays, namely the north, south and central port. It also includes the

Ancient City of Phaselis. The water is clear and clean.





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