Olympos is on the Tahtalı Mountain of Antalya, Kumluca. It is 87 km away from Antalya. It consists of a magnificent

combination of forest, beach and ancient city. It is famous not only in Turkey but also in the world. Millions of tourists

visit Olympos every year.



   There are tombs and temples in Olympos Ancient City. One of the most striking works is the Temple Gate. Olympos is

a Lycian settlement. There are ruins from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine periods. It is one of the 6 cities with three

voting rights in the Lycian League.


It is also an important port city. In the middle of the city there is an Olympos river. It is also known to be famous for

pirates. Even the tombs of some pirates are still possible to see at Olympos.


You can reach Olympos beach by walking through the ancient city. Olympos beach has a great view and has clear

water. After a wonderful ancient city tour, you can relax in the clear blue water of Olympos in the best way.


   It is also famous with caretta carettas. The area where the caretta’s eggs are located is under protection.




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