New Virus in China!


While the Covid-19 virus was not yet under control, a new virus emerged in China. The

name of the new virus is “Monkey B (BV)”. The first death occurred by the Monkey B

virus, which emerged in Beijing, the capital of China. After the 53-year-old veterinarian

in Beijing died of the Monkey B virus, people began to fear again. According to the

statement made by China CDC Weekly, it was announced that the veterinarian was

infected with the BV virus as a result of examining the two monkeys that died. The

veterinary surgeon, who went to the hospital with complaints such as nausea and fever,

could not get rid of him even though he was treated in several hospitals. The tests of

people who were in contact with the veterinarian who died were negative. It was said

that everyone should be careful, especially those who have direct contact with animals,

such as veterinarians and animal researchers, against the BV virus, whichhas a high

fatality rate.



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