Hilton Unveils New Travel Trends


Hilton analyzed the change in travel habits. According to the research, increasing digital solutions with the pandemic will increase the demand of travelers for applications such as contactless check-in and digital keys.

Research titled “The 2022 Traveler: Emerging Trends and Reshaping Traveler Definition” conducted by Hilton revealed that there have been radical changes in travel habits since last year. According to Hilton’s research, from loyalty programs to food preferences, from sustainability solutions to design; The pandemic has caused huge differences in people’s travel expectations.

According to the research, people’s sports and exercise habits have changed with the emergence of healthy life. Increasing interest in health services has brought with it the demand for spa and holistic holiday experiences. The quarantine period has also affected the interest in gastronomic travel. Also, the interest in traveling with pets has increased.

On the other hand, Humans started to give more importance to the sustainability of the planet. The trend towards solar-powered ovens and electric scooters has increased. The Do It Yourself (DIY) movement came to the fore.

Hilton’s report includes trends that drive innovation in the tourism industry, both inside and outside the hotel.


Each trend summarizes the definition of traveler, which has been reshaped with the pandemic, in four items:

  • Seeking convenience in travel: People have adopted innovative solutions in many areas of their lives. It is estimated that there will be an increase in demand in the digital sense.
  • Sports: The changing routines and habits with the new working order show that travelers will devote more time to sports during their travels.
  • Refined tastes and preferences: Travelers turned to planning trips integrated into their hobbies.
  • Environmental awareness: It is predicted that in 2022, people will turn to brands that are more sensitive to environmental and social issues while planning their travels.


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