Göreme Village was also Included in the List of the Most Beautiful Villages in the World


The UK-based platform called Uswitch has listed the most beautiful villages and towns in the world and in the continents, based on social media shares.

Uswitch made this list based on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, which show places on the map.

Göreme village, famous for its fairy chimneys and stone-carved houses, ranked third in the list of “The most beautiful villages in the world”.

Accordingly, 3 villages that received more than one million shares in 2021 shared the first places in the list.

Oia, the northernmost point of Santorini, the touristic island of Greece in the Aegean Sea, took the first place in the list of “the most beautiful villages in the world” with more than 1.6 million shares on social media.

Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, which gained worldwide fame with the shooting of the James Bond movie in 1997, ranked second with more than 1.1 million shares, and Göreme district of Nevşehir ranked third.

Göreme village has come to the forefront with balloon tourism in recent years with its peci chimneys, stone houses, breakfasts and Anatolian cuisine. Göreme village continues to attract more and more tourists every day.


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